My bio doesn't fit a formal and accepted format. I worked many diverse jobs when I was younger and part way through college. I learned much more about people and life from the experiences I had working with many people from different backgrounds than I learned from my formal education. Even though I excelled in academics, athletics and student government in high school, I couldn't pull it together in college. I dropped out after three years. I worked in factories, in steel mills, on commercial construction projects, in a bank and more. I coached competitive swimming. Many of my swimmers earned college scholarships and a few earned spots on Olympic teams. I took a job as a service tech with a small swimming pool company because coaching didn't pay much. After a year I was made the general manager of the business and grew it from 87 customers at the time to more than 900 customers in less than three years. I then started my own business and grew ir successfully until I made a monumental mistake taking in a partner and lost everything. To get back on my feet I took a sales job with a company that sold portable spas. I quickly became their top producer and was promoted to sales manager. The owner of the company decided to change directions so I took a contract job training people in the residential construction industry who wanted to learn how to participate in energy efficiency rebate programs for a large utility company. During this entire time I was frequently asked for help by small business owners and sales people. I discovered people were willing to pay me for my help and turned that into the consulting, coaching and training business I have now. About three years ago I added helping people and organizations find funding for real estate and business projects. I enjoy that work, but the timeframe for start to finish is extremely long. So, it's time for a change. I still enjoy helping people and I still enjoy selling. However, I've lost my excitement for performing the

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