Derrick McManus


Last seen: 28 Jul 2022

The Australian Centre for Human Durability

AU flag Australia

I am an Australian Special Ops police officer - sniper, recovery diver and counter-terrorist operative - who was shot 14 times in less than 5 seconds and then lying not he ground for 3 hours before being extracted. Doctors said I defied medical knowledge and understanding by surviving and then defied medical expectations by returning to work - sniper, recovery diver and counter-terrorist operative - after 2.5 years of intense rehab … I also defied psych expectations when diagnosed with zero anxiety, stress, depression or PTSD and did not require any psych assistance. I have now developed the psych philosophy of Human Durability - going beyond resilience to sustaining optimal performance and have research collaborations with Universities. Human Durability is about creating high-performance people and high-performance mental fitness, agility and strength. It’s applicable to kids in school, fighter pilots and everyone in-between from hair-dressers to banking to entrepreneurs to CEOs - and i’ve spoken to them all.

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