Renee Hasseldine


Last seen: 12 Sep 2022

Think RAPT

AU flag Australia

Renée is the founder of the Think RAPT system. Simply put, she is unequivocally passionate about visual models and turning messy waffle into clear visual messaging. Renée is a highly evolved, super-smart original. While she’s definitely one of a kind, to help you out, think Erin Brokovich (fights for justice), mixed with Thich Nhat Hanh (Zen Master), and throw in just a little Pink (superbly wicked) for good measure. Renée is a committed advocate for the environment, the underdog and coffee. Her enthusiasm for spreadsheets and checklists is a little disturbing. When you meet Renée, expect her take on things to be a little different and her expression to be unique. Both are authentic and spot on. Oh, and order your own piece of cake…. Renée is a three time best-selling author and an international speaker.

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