Moeed Ahmad


Last seen: 11 Aug 2022


CA flag Canada

Moeed Ahmad is a HR Consultant and HR Process Optimizer, a Future Focused HR Consultant and Unconventional Solution Finder , and Digital E-Learning expert who heads Mo-Dynamics HR Consulting SMB clients in all essential services and industries hire Moeed to provide HR consulting and automation/ optimization services as needed. He also helps business owners, HR Leaders, and Operations managers to reduce work overload, overhead cost and become more efficient and productive. Allowing their HR management operations to run more smoothly without wasting time and limited available resources. His Linkedin and professional services include 1-to-1 consultations, HR Consulting services and optimizing/ automating services that align with changing business demands. Moeed has long been a Digital HR E- Learning Expert and helps clients with Custom HR Programs to alleviate today and tomorrow's new HR challenges. Find Moeed at or follow him by searching for Mo-Dynamics on LinkedIn.

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