Stan Mirzayev


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First Name: Stan
Last Name: Mirzayev
Business Name: PartsPass
Country: United States

Stan Mirzayev is a serial entrepreneur and a 17-year automotive expert and enthusiast. He is the Founder and CEO of Parts Pass, an auto parts app revolutionizing the way people fix their cars. Stan emigrated to the U.S. from the former Soviet Union with his family at the age of 4, and grew passionate about cars while working with his dad in the family automotive shop. Stan became a shop owner and operator himself before creating a solution to a problem many mechanics face: sourcing parts. Stan founded Parts Detect, a B2B shop management app that allows mechanics to efficiently source parts from suppliers. In 2022, Stan founded Parts Pass, an auto parts app serving a mission to democratize and revolutionize the experience of finding and buying replacement auto parts for all consumers across the country. Parts Pass offers an easier way for the general public to search and order replacement car parts through self-diagnosis software, an easy-to-use interface, and AI integration that provides quality parts from quality brand names at a wholesale price.

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