Molly Montag


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First Name: Molly
Last Name: Montag
Business Name: Molly Montag Communications LLC
Country: United States

My name is Molly Montag and I'm a marketing & communications solopreneur. I've always been interested in the intersection between people + technology + communications + culture + change. But now, that has all taken on a new meaning as I look to find my personal intersection between being a business owner, a mom of two, and the primary caregiver to my biggest supporter - my beautiful mom who has Alzheimer's disease.

So what has this journey meant for me? Well, it means I've become passionate about the future of work and helping other businesses establish, redefine and fully execute the power of their brand for generations to come. My clients are creative leaders that put people and ideas at the heart of their strategy. They don't mind adhering to a values-based approach to communications and upholding the highest standards of ethical marketing practices so we can effectively communicate and interact with employees, customers, investors, job seekers, vendors, and the general public in a way that demonstrates their unique strengths and perspectives.

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