Fred Rutman


Last seen: 149 days ago


First Name: Fred
Last Name: Rutman
Business Name: TBD but likely Dead Man Walking LLP
Country: Canada
I was a marketer/consultant, then went into academia as a college business prof. After acquiring my MBA, my weight ballooned to 340 pounds. The combination of my weight issues combined with years of playing hockey, rugby and football left me in perpetual pain – every joint in my body ached. I did all the CICO methods, tried a bariatric doctor and exercised my butt off, eventually getting down to about 280, where I plateaued. Until the summer of 2009 came crashing down on me and forced me onto permanent medical leave. Something was causing me to what we initially thought was pass out randomly. I was hospitalized numerous times and learned I was Type 2 diabetic. I was put on insulin and metformin. It turns I wasn’t simply passing out - My heart was stopping. I was clinically dead dozens of times. Each time my heart stopped, I collapsed, hit my head, sustaining multiple concussions. They eventually figured out I needed a pacemaker. Which was great. Until the infallible pacemaker failed in 2013. And 2018, with more complications in 2019 and 2020. In 2018, I learned about intermittent fasting. My life hasn’t been the same since. I attribute the large majority of my recovery to the healing powers of IF. I’ve reversed the T2 diabetes and many of its related issues. I’m down 10 pant sizes and about 80 lbs. Today, I spend most of my day talking to people about resiliency, overcoming adversity and living their best, healthy lives.

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