Stacey Hall


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First Name: Stacey
Last Name: Hall
Business Name: Success with Stacey Hall
Country: United States

Stacey Hall, Founder of Success with Stacey Hall, is best known for her ground-breaking social media marketing training program, Go for Yes, which has helped thousands of people attract more sales, customer and employee satisfaction, and success. Stacey is an acclaimed international speaker who gained recognition for her TEDx Talk. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs attract and connect with their ideal audience, solve their audience’s problems, and leave a legacy that lives on long after they are gone. She wrote her new book, Selling From Your Comfort Zone because so many sales people believe that they must push themselves out of their comfort zones and compromise their values to sell products. But, as Stacey explains, the comfort zone can actually be a power zone that leads to sales, satisfaction, and success. Shifting away from pushy sales tactics, she will show how you can bring meaning to how you serve others through your business. You will discover a simple formula for a personalized approach to connection-building through problem-solving by remaining in alignment with your calling, with yourself, and with what you are selling. By adopting this approach, you will have more confidence, more energy, and more courage to achieve your goals, and will be able to stay flexible and resilient in the face of challenges.

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