Julia Langley


Last seen: 99 days ago


First Name: Julia
Last Name: Langley
Business Name: Performing For Success
Country: United States
"Julia Langley is a featured singer for Cirque du Soleil and has performed in over 20 different countries and all 50 States over a period of 18 years. One of the things she’s most passionate about is helping others learn how to overcome stage fright and increase their confidence in communication. Julia’s transformative program “Performing For Success” helps speakers, singers and other high-level performers make more money and become recognized for their talent worldwide by discovering the secrets to commanding confident performances. In 2019, she was hit by a jeep while riding her bicycle leaving her to overcome injuries that have changed her life. Three surgeries later and a diagnosis of PTSD, Julia has personal experience in starting from ground zero and facing the unknown with courage and resilience. She believes she was given a second chance, and she has dedicated herself to empower others so that they may share their story and passion with the world.

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