Born and growing up Chinese in a small village in Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim country in the 70s, Yuliana Francie ticked all the boxes to win the minority trifecta, Chinese, Catholic, and Female. At 18yrs of age, Yuliana flew on her own to Australia on a student visa, working two jobs to graduate with a Bachelor degree and CPA. At 27 years of age, she managed a $450M business. Yuliana then left her corporate job with a deep wish to start her entrepreneurship journey, resulting in earning $20,000 a week of revenue on eBay within 3 months of launching. Following her spiritual awakening, she discovered her life purposes which led to years of development as a healer, psychic, medium, and spiritual mentor. Yuliana made it her life’s mission to embolden women in owning their worth and power to discover and accept their truths so that they can live a life true to themselves. After six years of spiritual development and research, she created UNBECOMING YOU, a concoction of spiritual and psychological methods, to help women fall in love with their life again so their life has real meaning, purpose, and self-contentment. Most importantly, a life designed on their own terms, needs, wishes, and intentions. Yuliana is passionate about changing the world to be kinder and fairer for everyone. She launched ‘Share The Love’ event, the first Australian fashion show to include disabled models. Yuliana resides in Sydney with her two daughters.

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