Figuring out who and what you need for your marketing team can be a bit of a mystery, but not anymore. Catherine Lang-Cline brings her critical blend of entrepreneurship, business acumen, team building, marketing, sales, and human resources to the microphone to share some of her best tips for hiring. Catherine is President and Co-Creator of Portfolio Creative and is an award-winning entrepreneur and CEO. Honored as a “Fast Growing Business” locally 5 times, and by Inc Magazine 4 years in a row, and a “Most-Admired CEO” 5 years in a row. Portfolio Creative was founded in 2005 and it has placed 1000s of people in roles in marketing, design, digital marketing, and advertising. She is also one of the hosts of the podcast Illumination Bureau, a podcast about hiring and getting your next job. Don’t waste another minute, or another dollar, on missing the target with your next hire.

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