Josevie Jackson


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First Name: Josevie
Last Name: Jackson
Business Name: Black Card Books
Country: United States
Josevie is a self-made woman who started with nothing and became successful. She is a continual student of life and a serial entrepreneur, writing her first book at age eight and starting her first business at age 20. She is a multi-talented speaker, author, world traveler, radio show host, blogger, realtor, international business consultant, and performance coach. With her God-given talents and know-how, she has become an advocate for others to gain freedom from their struggles. Josevie Jackson is now the Publisher, President, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Black Card Books Publishing Company. She is a multi-million-dollar producer selling millions in products in the last 4 years alone and has received various awards throughout the years. During her time working in Corporate America, she managed well over 750 employees. Josevie is also a published author of the book Thrive & Be Somebody -11 Steps to Maneuver Life’s Obstacles with Confidence. In spite of all her success, she enjoys using her experiences and expert strategies to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of others. She is greatly driven by her passion to help others succeed in life. Josevie currently lives in Arizona with her husband. She is a mother to six children and has multiple grandchildren.

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